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The first time you come to GPR you’ll think we have three different shops, and we really do!

  • Fab Shop: The Fab Shop is where we first strip the car down to bare metal to see what repairs need to be accomplished, many cars have extensive rust to be repaired. On any given day you’ll see the creative minds in the Fab Shop doing tons of welding, installing new parts in areas where things cannot be saved, and even creating new parts from scratch! In addition, all major body work is done in the Fab Shop.
  • Paint Shop: Next is the Paint Shop where the guys here begin by putting the finishing touches on the bodywork and get the car ready for the paint booth. You’ll see Marvin, our painter doing lots of priming, the foundation is the most important part of a great paint job! Then it’s time for three coats of color, and the next day three coats of SPI Clear. He will let that sit a few days, wet sand it with 600 grit paper, and add three more coats of clear. All this will be wet sanded with 1000, 1500, 2000, and 2500 grit sandpaper and the final step is buffing!
  • Assembly Shop: The Assembly Shop is where we bring it all together! We line up all the sheet metal, line up the bumpers, lights, trim, install the brakes, seats, and anything else that has been removed from the car. If new parts have been ordered, we install those, and new engine or transmission if necessary. This shop must be separate from the other shops because the cars in the Assembly Shop have beautiful paint jobs and must be kept away from bondo/fiberglass dust, or overspray! This shop is simply a beautiful place to be!

Fabrication Shop

Paint Shop

Assembly Shop

“It looks so good. I’m excited to consistently see huge progress!”     Anthony A.

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