Outstanding Automotive Workmanship and Creative Excellence

Owners receive photos along the way documenting every step of their restoration. This is invaluable to you should you ever want to sell your vehicle.

Description of Services

Show Quality Paint

If you are someone who wants a paint job that turns heads and causes people to stop and stare in amazement, the vehicle must be accurately contoured and have the right foundation. We continually strive to achieve the highest level finish with every build by meticulously applying the right amount of top-quality paint products resulting in a show quality paint job that will last for many years.

Metal Fabrication

The foundation of a vehicle is often the most overlooked. Less than desirable repairs can be easily hidden under layers of body filler and primer. With over 20 years of experience stripping vehicles for restoration we know which types of repairs last, and which don’t. Our approach is simple, we don’t just fix the problem we fix the source of the problem and fabricate parts just as if they were originally built with the vehicle.

Panel Replacement

At GPR if we can remove any distortion or damage in a panel and restore it to perfection we will. If however we discover a panel is beyond repair and for structural integrity, it’s best to install a brand new panel. This is performed on a jig, and the inner structure is epoxy primed before the panel is replaced. As any true automotive enthusiast will tell you, it’s what you can’t see under the paint that truly determines the quality and longevity of that vehicle.


Getting to the bottom of things is very important at GPR, and to do that we place your vehicle on a rotisserie which allows access to absolutely any area that needs to be repaired! Rust can even hide inside the seams, so we take every step needed to eliminate and repair any damage to the steel structure. We then coat all components with epoxy to prevent the rust from returning. Our build projects are crafted in a manner we are proud to say will last for many years to come.

Updated Suspension

Modern technology can greatly improve the performance and handling of almost any classic vehicle. Improvement to the suspension can give your vehicle a more comfortable and overall safer feel. You determine how you want your vehicle to ride, handle, and perform, and we will make it happen.

Updated Brakes

A lot of classic cars originally came with drum brakes that aren’t safe in today’s world. If you have ever driven through a big puddle with drum brakes on a car you know that you don’t have any brakes until they dry out. Modern disc brakes provide a shorter stopping distance and still work when wet so they are an important component to the safely of your new investment.